How To Fix GTA 4 Stuck on Disclaimer Screen – GTA 4 Freezing at Copyright Screen Fix

GTA 4 game stuck issue on the principal screen? GTA 4 game stuck on the stacking screen? when I start GTA 4 game then, copyright screen or disclaimer screen appearing there anyway starting there ahead, game screen not embarking to the accompanying page. moreover, we can say that – GTA 4 game stuck on the copyright screen. Generally, the game screen is freezing at disclaimer page or at start .

How to fix GTA 4 Stuck or Freezing at Start Disclaimer Page for Grand Theft Auto IV Niko Bellic Version

By using this strategy, you can fix GTA 4 stuck game screen or freeze issue in PC.  For more botch fixing + how to things, you can check our various articles that are open right now. Varieties of mix-up will come when we doing anything other than each problem comes with their solutions.

Game freezing problem with GTA 4

This problem some times comes when you are having graphic issues so, make sure to check your graphic drivers and directX. to run this game you need at least 256mb of minimum graphic dedicated video memory or 512mb for a bit smoother fps. On the other hand you need 1GB graphic card to run this game at good settings.

All tho, this game is old so you might face problem in modern computer’s but you can try out this method.

How to fix

  1. Make a backup of your game.
  2. Download the given solution file
  3. Extract file with WinRAR
  4. Copy files and paste it into game folder

Solution File:  Download

We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it.

Make sure you have all 3 important software’s installed in your computer as they are required for GTA 4. You can also watch installation method on YouTube: Watch Tutorial

If you have any question drop it in comment blow.


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  1. Bro I can't download your command line file.please help

  2. give me the link to fix the disclaimer stuck problem

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