How to solve GTA 4 Black Screen Error for Grand theft auto IV Niko Bellic Version

There are defects in games: brakes, low FPS, crashes, freezes, bugs and other minor and fewer mistakes. Regularly, issues start even before the beginning of the game, when it isn’t introduced, stacked or even downloaded. Furthermore, the actual PC in some cases blows a gasket, and afterward in GTA 4, rather than an image, there is a dark screen, the control doesn’t work, you can’t hear the sound or whatever else.

How to fix GTA IV Black Screen Error – 3 Ways to Fix GTA 4 Black Screen

To fix this problem you need to check that your PC is working properly and make sure all the games necessary problems & drivers are installed. Here is the list of some main points to keep in mind before you make any changes to your game.

1. Checking Up Drivers

Pretty much every game in a PC requires a bunch of unique programs. These are drivers, libraries and different records that guarantee the right activity of the PC. It merits beginning with the drivers for the video card. Present day graphic cards are made by just two significant organizations – Nvidia and AMD. Having discovered which item is turning coolers in the framework unit, we go to the authority site and download the bundle of new drivers: An essential Grand Theft Auto 4 requires the latest drivers for all GTA 4 editions. Update your graphic drivers and make sure to install 3 important software’s.

2. Defender Blocking

On the off chance that Grand Theft Auto 4 doesn’t begin, we suggest that you have a go at incapacitating your antivirus or placing the game in antivirus exemptions, and check the consistence again framework prerequisites and on the off chance that something from you get together doesn’t coordinate, at that point, if conceivable, improve your PC by buying all the more impressive parts.

3. Final Fix Method

Before apply this method i recommend you to make a backup of your game.

If you don’t know what backup is! it means that you should save your game in a different folder as a copy.

How to fix GTA 4 Black Screen Error

  1. Check your game edition as there more than 1.
  2. Make a backup of your original game files.
  3. Get a fresh copy of solution file.
  4. Extract the file with any extracting program.
  5. Copy all files from the fix folder.
  6. Paste the solution files inside the GTA IV Directory.
  7. Run your game normally.

Guide in detail

First, make sure your defenders are closed temporary. Then simply download the given files and extract them with 7zip and then copy all files from the fix folder to game main folder. Now paste and replace files in your game folder. You can also watch tutorial on this topic: Watch video Tutorial

Download Solution file from your favorite server:
Download  for Niko Bellic Version

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We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it.

Please leave a comment about your game version in case this method doesn’t work at your game edition. We would love to help you guys.

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