How to Fix GTA V All Errors Permanently | Ultimate Guide

This is an intense guide on how to fix GTA 5 and GTA Online not launching, stuck, crash errors in Windows 11. You can follow this same method of how to fix GTA V not opening error for all windows, even on Windows 10 or Windows 7/8/8.1. You will be able to learn how to fix GTA V not working issues for pc and laptop. There are many editions of GTA 5 and this guide will cover all Grand Theft Auto V not launching errors.

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Welcome to AdeelDrew, below is the list of all errors which will be fixed after this tutorial. This is an ultimate guide on how to fix pretty much all the errors you might be facing in your Grand Theft Auto 5 or Grand Theft Auto V Online. From Not launching to stuck in gameplay and crashing to lag, this article will help you in all, below are some highlights of this solution guide.

This solution will fix these errors.

  • GTA 5 Not launching for all versions.
  • GTA 5 not launching for steam and epic games.
  • GTA 5 not launching on Rockstar Games launcher.
  • GTA V not opening on pc and laptop.
  • GTA V stopped working on loading screen.
  • GTA Online not working.
  • GTA Online stuck at loading screen.
  • GTA V crash, lag, mission, and other errors.

You will also be able to fix similar crash issue in Grand Theft Auto V and many people face error of GTA 5 stuck on loading screen which is kind of sad, but this guide will cover all these errors and hopefully fix them permanently.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to fix GTA 5 not opening error on all versions and this should also fix errors in GTA Online for Rockstar Games Launcher, steam and epic games.

How to fix GTA 5 not launching error

  1. Open GTA 5 Directory.
    First you will have to access to the GTA 5 directory in your windows, to do that simply locate the folder of Grand Theft Auto V. A simple method to open your game’s directory is by opening the game program on Steam, Epic Games, or Rockstar Games Launcher and then going to settings and opening the game directory. For easier access, follow the below guide.

    How to find GTA 5 Directory

  2. Run game’s launcher as administrator.
    If you have tried running your game than close your GTA 5 game from task manger, you should be able to find GTA launcher of Steam, epic games and Rockstar Launcher from Task Manager. After that, right-click on Steam’s executable and select Run as administrator.
  3. Verify the integrity of GTA 5 game files.
    There might be issues or missing files in your game’s directory, In this case the game will not launch properly. The Steam/Epic Games/Rockstar Games Launcher users can fix the problem by using the Verify integrity of game files feature.
  4. Update GPU drivers.
    Many people try to run their game on a computer with no GPU, or with a GPU having no drivers installed. First, make sure your game system requirements meets your PC specs and make sure to update your graphics drivers.
  5. Reinstall Visual C++ and DirectX.
    Before playing your game make sure to install Visual C++ and DirectX10 even if they are already installed on your computer. Reinstalling DirectX and Visual C++ will refresh gaming features of your computer.

    Download Visual C++
    Download Direct X

  6. Delete the cache files.

    Sometimes there are temporary/ cache files of game. In case you are facing with corrupted GTA 5, it can cause issues in launching the game. Hence, you can try clearing the cache file for GTA 5 and see if it resolves the issue. Fellow below steps to clear pc cache.

  7. First, open the Run dialog box using Win+R hotkey and enter %temp% in it.
  8. In the opened temp folder, delete all the files from the temp folder.
  9. Add your game folder in windows exclusions.

    Windows defenders sometime close games or delete important files from game folders. This method will help to protect games from crash, errors, missing files, and not opening errors. Simply put game folder to defenders exclusions to prevent from errors.

    Stop Windows Defenders from Destroying Game Files

  10. Reinstall game launcher.
    It is always a great idea to reinstall your steam, epic games, or Rockstar Games launcher and then verify the integrity of your game. That will fix all the bad errors.

I really hope this article helped you in fixing your game issues for not only Grand Theft Auto V, for all your favorite games as well. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Check out below article for possible solutions files for your GTA 5 game.

Fix GTA V using Solution File

We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it.

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