November 14, 2021

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This article reviews GTA 5 No Boundary Limits latest version mod for GTA 5. You will learn how to install No Boundary Limits in GTA 5 and you can download GTA 5 No Boundary Limits to make your GTA 5 Mods working in Grand Theft Auto V.

About No Boundary Limits for GTA 5

GTA 5 No Boundary Limits is a small script mod which remove the boundary limit of the Grand Theft Auto V game. It is an amazing mod if you are installing a map or an outside mission in your GTA 5 game. This mod is mostly used for GTA 5 Modding.

With the help of No Boundary Limits you can easily go through the borders of game and when i said go through the borders i mean you can go truly beyond in GTA 5 game.

GTA 5 No Boundary Limits Review

No Boundary Limits for GTA 5 are one of the best mod ever made by the GTA 5 Modding community. GTA 5 No Boundary Limits mod is made by Unknown Modder and you can use this mod for many maps such as the liberty city map which you can learn more about on

No Boundary Limits is a popular ASI plugin patches, and it removes the boundary limit of Grand Theft Auto V, you can even go so far that you can leave the map behind and go truly into the space. You need a program in order to use this mod and that is OpenIV which automatically install .asi loader in your GTA 5 game. You can download OpenIV on AdeelDrew site, we already have done a review on OpenIV Mod for GTA 5.

How to install No Boundary Limits in GTA 5

  • First, you require installing OpenIV Program.
  • Run OpenIV and open ASI Manager.
  • Install ASI Loader, OpenIV .ASI, and openCamera.
  • Now Simply click on Edit mode button.
  • Mark both files “NoBoundaryLimits.asi” and “NoBoundaryLimits.ini”.
  • Drag both files to GTA 5 Directory in OpenIV.

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Download No Boundary Limits

If you are unable to download this mod file from the above button, then i have shared a direct file below.

No Boundy Limits 1.4.1

We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it.

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