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Good day guys, this article reviews GTA 5 Liberty City Map Mod. Learn how to install Liberty City Map in GTA 5, you can download Liberty City Map for GTA 5 and experience GTA 4’s full map for Grand Theft Auto V. You will also learn Liberty City Map installation for GTA 5 with Traffic and Public, this is so far the most complete map with new GTA 5 Mods features.

This article shares a full review and guide on how to install Liberty City Map in GTA 5 and how to play in Liberty City map in your Grand Theft Auto V game. But before we do that, below is some detailed information about Liberty City’s popular places in GTA maps.

Popular places in Liberty City

  • Algonquin (Manhattan): It is a great hub for business activities for players, and it has great buildings and towering skyscrapers.
  • Bohan (Bronx): Pretty famous due to its railways, and it has a popular Latino culture.
  • Broker (Brooklyn): This place is mostly known for housing and middle-class neighborhoods. This is the place where Niko Bellic first arrived.
  • Dukes (Queens): This place is also a business hub, but mostly used for Airports and also a place of housing.

Liberty City Map is huge and large, it is also nearby the ocean, so there are so many business work areas. The people of Liberty City are somewhat busy all the time, and there are good and bad places to hand out with your friends.

About Liberty City Map

Liberty City has a special place in GTA fan’s heart. Right off the bat, it is an island city that is encircled by ocean. Liberty City Map has four distinct wards (Broker, Dukes, Bohan and Algonquin). Liberty City’s lodging design and style is an immediate mixture of the style used in New York City.

GTA 5 Liberty City Map Review

This map is a pure copy of the original Liberty City series of Grand Theft Auto, and it is pretty similar to GTA 4 version f Liberty City Map. This map is pretty much complete map with all the traffic and public in city’s streets, hotels, malls, and shops. Liberty City Transportation is also available such as Freeways, Bridges, Tunnels, and Helipads. You will also find Police Stations, Fire Stations, Hospitals and Playgrounds.

So far the developers have done a great job recreating the map for GTA 5, and you can explore this map on any vehicle of your choice and discover great and amazing areas of the Liberty City mod. You can also install graphics mods to make your gaming experience better in Liberty City map, I recommend installing the New Redux mod for GTA 5 which is available on

Here is a simple-to-follow guide on how to install Liberty City Map on your Grand Theft Auto V game. I tried my best to make the tutorial more simple for you, which you can learn more about in the below installation section of this article.

Liberty City Map Requirements for GTA 5.

You need to install 4 scripts in GTA 5 before installing this map, which are detailed below.

  • Gameconfig
  • Packfile Limit Adjuster 
  • HeapAdjuster 
  • No Boundary Limits (Optional for some versions.)
  • ScriptHookV and CommuntySccriptHookVdotNet

You also require a program called OpenIV. And after that, you can simply install the liberty city map in your computer. You can download the mod from the given link below.

How to Install Liberty City Map Mod in GTA 5

  • Download all the required files.
  • Install OpenIV Program
  • Mark “GTAV.HeapAdjuster.asi” from HeapAdjuster folder.
  • Drag it inside the GTA 5 Directoty using OpenIV.
  • Open GTAV Config Folder and Open 0,1x traffic 0,1x peds.
  • Mark “gameconfig.xml” file to below address in OpenIV.

    update/update.rpf/ click on the Edit Mode button

  • Then click on (copy to “Mods” folder) or (Show in “Mods” folder) button.
  • Now go to common/ data and drag the “gameconfig.xml” file in OpenIV.
  • Now open GTA 5 Directory again in OpenIV
  • Mark both “NoBoundaryLimites.asi” and “NoBoundaryLimites.ini” files from NoBoundaryLimites folder.
  • Drag both files to GTA 5 Directory in GTA 5 folder.
  • Now mark “PackfileLimitAdjuster.asi” and “PackfileLimitAdjuster.ini” from PackfileLimitAdjuster folder.
  • Now open Liberty City Map.
  • Mark all files from dlcpacks folder to below location using OpenIV

    update/x64/dlcpacks then click on (copy to “Mods” folder) or (Show in “Mods” folder) button

  • Drag them into OpenIV.
  • Now mark levels.ymt file from the x64a.rpf/data folder.
  • Drag it to below location in OpenIV

    x64a.rpf/data click on the Edit Mode button
    Then click on (copy to “Mods” folder) or (Show in “Mods” folder) button

  • Drag the file to OpenIV.
  • Now open ScriptHookV and Copy all files from bin folder and paste all files to GTA 5 Directory.
  • Then go to ScriptHookV(dot)Net and copy all files to GTA 5 directory.
  • Play your game.

I hope this article helps you, if you had a question feel free to ask, or watch out our video installation guide on this topic.

Watch Installation Video

Links from this article

OpenIV Heap Limit Adjuster Gameconfig No Boundary Limits/button Packfile Limit Adjuster

Script Hook V Community Script Hook V .NET

You can download the Liberty City map, we have shared this mod in compressed parts which you can download from the given section below.

Download Map Mod

We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it.

Hey! If you have a question related to today’s topic, feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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