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At the point when you find out if you can or can't run a game it is essential to characterize what you mean by "running" it. Do you mean on the off chance that you would get 60 fps or more, will it be playable by any stretch of the imagination, or essentially that you simply need to have the option to appreciate the game with 30+ fps on medium-low settings?

To address your inquiry, yes you can run GTA 5 without a discrete GPU. Yet, you must be set up to play it on 720p low settings to get nice/playable edges. Nonetheless, something significant to note is that a discrete GPU will consistently perform in a way that is better than an incorporated one. Likewise, you don't need to burn through 15k or more for a fair GPU. You can get second hand GPU from companions, look for other less expensive GPU that are accessible or essentially stand by until you have gathered enough cash to get a fair GPU for your motivations. Cheerful gaming!

Of course, not well in any event. You need a decent GPU, and on the off chance that you don't have a Graphic card I'm certain you have an APU. It's kinda similar to a computer chip, however it has more centers that are committed for Graphical registering, that is the way you see what on your screen. It might inquire whether you need to check for carefully marked drivers, simply say no as you're not stressed over that at the present time.

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GTA V with only CPU power:

I think the base necessity for GTA V running on just an CPU is to have 8gb of RAM at least and in any event an AMD A10 arrangement APU, at any rate the 7850. In any case, the probable circumstance is that you are posing this inquiry to check whether you don't need to buy anything to run GTA V, and unfortunately I am sure you do except if you purchased a gaming work area or assembled it yourself. Most PC's won't have the option to run a particularly requesting game without probably some redesigning.

You can try the Moded XML by AdeelDrew

LINK OF Settings File:

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Hello if you don't have Rockstar Games Folder, you can download Rockstar Folder here: Download

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GTA 5 Version Detail

GTA5 comes with different versions, so folder's might be different but i am shearing my GTA5 folder, you can test that folder. Don't worry settings text file is included as zip just extract it with 7zip and follow all steps as shown in this video.
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If you already have a graphic card and you are facing lag issues or bad quality than try this settings file. Only for Computer's with graphic card:
Hindi: agar ap ke pas graphic card he our ap game me problem face kar rahy he ya video quality achi nahi he to ap ye settings use kr skty he.

We recommend making a backup before doing any changes to your game. alert-warning
If you have any question drop it in comment blow.
Last Updated: 30 May 2021 - Settings file has been updated with the latest working settings.


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