February 22, 2021

The new Tekken 7 DLC warrior is about to come this spring. Given the circumstance, that would mean becoming familiar with them as soon as possible. The impending DLC contender. Given the historical backdrop of Tekken 7’s DLC. As the delivery is in the winter 2021, it appears to be sensible to expect that we will study the new character very soon. The latest piece of Tekken 7 DLC added Kunimitsu, little girl of the first Kunimitsu, to the game’s list before the end of last year.

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Tekken 7 engineer and distributer Bandai Namco uncovered another mystery trailer for an impending new DLC warrior set to deliver for the well-known battling computer game in late-winter 2021. The secret trailer, which was shared as a component of this current end of the week’s Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable, seems to show that the new warrior is a Polish lady that additionally turns out to be the Prime Minister of the country in Tekken’s reality.

Tekken 7 adding the PM of Poland

Bandai Namco uncovered Tekken 7 will add another character, the PM of Poland in the Tekken universe, as its most up-to-date DLC character not far off. Bandai Namco prodded a fresh-out-of-the-box new Tekken 7 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) character from Poland at the second Annual Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable. Katsuhiro Harada clarified they got that thought since Poland had a few ladies fill in as head administrators in its set of experiences.

Tekken 7 new character date

This new character will be delivered in winter 2021. Harada likewise said he’s working together with the Poland government office in Japan for the character. He went to Poland in 2020 as well. All that he should go there got dropped with crown, competitions and all, so he just did some touring. Harada tongue in cheek added, “I went through Bandai Namco’s cash and didn’t pay anything out of my pocket”. He referenced he has a few associations with international safe havens like that.

Tekken 7’s new character uncover

Harada said extra subtleties and a genuine uncover of the new Poland character will be coming later. This new character will wrap up Tekken 7’s fourth season pass with another stage set to be added together in late-winter 2021. The most recent season pass principally contains two new characters and two phases. The primary character in the pass is Kunimitsu, who has been accessible since November 2020, alongside the stage utilized on her uncover trailer.

New characters in Tekken 7 from previous DLC 2020

  1. Fahkumram
  2. Leroy Smith
  3. Akuma
  4. Claudio Serafino
  5. Geese Howard
  6. Gigas
  7. Jack-7
  8. Josie Rizal

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