August 15, 2021

How to make a custom on-screen gaming overly using Photoshop and Premiere Pro for Live streams and tutorial type videos. This is one of a kind method to make a simple but unique looking social overly with cool quotes like “Subscribe and Like, Join membership, or even your name”.

This helps channel’s to stand out in a very great way with a bit of a more professional feel to your videos. Making a cool overly for live-streams is a great idea because, it showcases your donation info, socials, and even your discord username.

Animated Overly

In this article, we will be guiding you a quick and easy method to make your very own animated Social overly banner for your video & streaming projects for free. It requires two programs and creativity. We will be using two most popular programs from Adobe. One of them is Adobe Photoshop Pro and second one is Adobe Premiere Pro.

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What is a social bar on videos and live stream’s bottoms?

Big YouTubers like, Dynamo Gaming, CarryisLive, Mortal, and other great gaming channels uses an overly on their live streams and sometimes even on YouTube videos. I myself been using some overly’s on my guide videos from long time. You can check out my video playlist, where I am using a sweet overly to make my work more pop-up and standout.

How to Make a Gaming overly with Photoshop and Premiere Pro

  • Get some basic files from the download section.
  • Open Photoshop and make a work of 1920×1080.
  • Now create a new layer and delete the default one.
  • Drag the file “screen sample.png” to photoshop from “Sample Folder”.
  • Make a bar of 26.667in(1920pixels,) wide and 1inch in height.
  • Now drag “Socials Icons.png” file to photoshop from “Socials” folder.
  • Go to “FontsPack” folder and open ‘Install Fonts’ folder, then install all fonts.
  • Once you do that, open Photoshop and write your socials’ username.
  • Now change their fonts, color, and size according to bar’s size.
  • And arrange them with social icons.
  • Write your favorite quotes, change their font style and size according to bar’s size.
  • Now rearrange everything in the overly-bar.
  • Once you’re done, make sure there is no background to the work.
  • Start saving every layer as PNG to a separate folder.
  • Now open Adobe Premiere pro and create a new work space.
  • Drag “white bg sample.png” from the ‘Sample Folder’.
  • Once you do that, drag that to timeline and set the frame rate to 60fps.
  • Now you can drag all the PNG files to premiere pro timeline.
  • Rearrange them as you want your overly to be.
  • Unzip the Transitions pack “FILM+CRUX+Glitch+Transitions”.
  • Copy all files to that “Effects” folder in Adobe. (If you don’t have an Effects folder, you can create one.)
  • Now open Premiere pro and activate the plugin.
  • Apply effects to your work’s transactions to make it unique.
  • Now you can delete the “white bg sample.png” file form timeline.
  • Drag “PR Base BG” to the bottom of video timeline.
  • Once you complete the work, recheck your video a few times.
  • Now, finally export the video as transparent video.

How to save a video in Premiere Pro as transparent video

  1. Go to “file” option from the very top of the premiere pro.
  2. Hover over “Export” and select media…
  3. Set below settings.
  4. Format: QuickTime
  5. Uncheck ‘Export Audio’
  6. Under option “Render at Maximum Depth”
  7. Scroll down and select “8-bpc + alpha”
  8. Now scroll-up and set video codec.
  9. Set Video Codec: Animation
  10. Finally, Set your Output name if you want.
  11. And export the video.

Do not get confused! It is very easy, if you follow one step at a time. To make things more easy, you can download all the required files, including effects, fonts, sample images and even final overly and final test video from the download section.

You can also watch a quick time-laps video of how we make a simple but unique overly and applied on a video, we also guide on how to set that overly on OBS program for live streams. Watch the Video!

Download Section

Download Sample Folder

Download FontsPack Folder

Download Socials Folder

Download Effects Folder

Hey! If you have a question related to today’s topic, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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