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RealisticColor Preset is one of a kind filter effect for GTA 5 Redux users, It makes your game look more colorful with new shades and high graphic effect. This make the game look more unique and realistic. We here on made this preset with love and care for even normal performance computers.

For a game that was launched back in 2013, GTA 5 has been kept alive by its online accomplice, anyway the single player experience has moreover been consistently revamped by modders through graphic mods. The GTA modding experts ensured that GTA 5 looks more like a game that was launched today, with top-notch graphic that make the gaming experience way better than before.

The GTA series has as often as possible extended the limits of gaming, and PC gamers with all the more expensive gear wanting to test their devices can take it up an indent with these visual mods. Here is a one of a kind preset for your Redux mods that consideration generally on visual moves up to equal current AAA titles.

RealisticColor Preset

This preset works on all the visual pieces of GTA 5, making it essentially indistinguishable from the latest titles. This will make astounding surfaces, the other clear pieces of the mod are the further evolved concealing, precipitation surfaces, and god radiates. Essentially all aspects of the game has been improved, from lighting and vegetation, to the moon and star quality, going for a trademark and reasonable look.

How to apply

  • Install Reshade Program
  • Copy preset to GTA 5 Directory
  • Open your game to activate the preset.
  • Now press “Home” button on your keyboard
  • Select the Preset and apply.

Required files can be downloaded from the given links below. Make sure you have the latest version of REDUX Installed.

Required Files

Download Preset

If you are unable to download the preset, you can download from the below button.

Preset – GDrive



We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it.

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