February 7, 2021

The GTA 5 mod being referred to practically totally patches up the whole designs framework. It’s being created by a modding group known as REDUX and is right now accessible for gta 5 current latest build v1.52. This modding group creates a mind blowing GTA 5 mod filling
in as a total designs redesign for Rockstar’s title Grand theft Auto V, causing
the world to appear to be greater, better, and more wonderful than any
other time.

adeeldrew How to install GTA 5 REDUX Graphic Mode in GTA 5 Build 2189. Online 1.52. GTA 5 REDUX (GTA 5 Version V 1.52 / 1.0.2189.0) AdeelDrew
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As should be obvious, REDUX isn’t playing. The upgrade is strikingly amazing, radically refreshing pretty much each and every visual part in GTA 5’s wide and brilliant world.

The mode likewise experiences a broad rundown of highlights remembered for the great graphic redesign, including not just elite to: raytraced worldwide enlightenment, parallax-planned surfaces, more brilliant and greater burnout smoke, a flawless new change and much more.


How to install GTA 5 REDUX Graphic Mode in GTA 5 Build 2189. Online 1.52. GTA 5 REDUX (GTA 5 Version V 1.52 / 1.0.2189.0) AdeelDrew

In this article you will learn how to install REDUX graphic mode in GTA 5 v1.52. If you are still playing older version of gta 5 for example: GTA 5 v1.41 then read my previous article on GTA 5 v1.41 REDUX Tutorial. Now let’s learn about RTX Features and install this REDUX Mode in your Grand Theft Auto V.

This mode is essential to recollect, particularly when you’re utilizing the RTX every game like Grand Theft Auto V. Past the specs and the guarantee of mind blowing execution capacities, playing GTA V on an REDUX that utilizes the RTX grpahic card makes for probably the most inconceivable visuals you’ll find in a computer game.

Please note this method is working for newer versions of GTA 5. I have a different post for version 1.41 you can read here: REDUX MODE for Version 1.41

How to install REDUX Mode

Download the given 3 files & Extract them with WinRAR

  • Download OpenIV
    Install OpenIV in your computer
  • Download ScriptHookV
    Extract Script Hook V with Winrar then copy files and paste it inside the game folder
  • Then Run OpenIV
    Install ASI Programs “from OpenIV /tools /ASI Manager”
  • Select The Redux ovi mode and install in the game.

Download All required files from here.

Download OpenIV

Download ScriptHookV

If you are unable to download ScriptHook V you can download here.


We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it.

We have also made this short video tutorial on REDUX installation mode so, if you are unable to install the mode or having bad time the installation process you can watch the video tutorial here.


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