February 13, 2021

Modes have consistently been a cool way of making GTA more incredible. Today we will be talking about GTA 4 Map in GTA San Andreas Game. The size of each map in the GTA games is unique. Area-wise, San Andreas had a greater map yet GTA 4 has a more interactive and unique world. You can’t enter all the structures yet numerous buildings can be reached with GTA San Andreas. It is conceivable to say that pretty much every structure in GTA San Andreas is cool but GTA 4 is certainly more insane when it comes to graphics.

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GTA 4 Map Mode in GTA San Andreas – Best Graphic Mode of Liberty City Map in GTA SanAndreas

In case you’re a GTA 4 lover, you think about the majority of the GTA 4 map experience. In case you’re an ordinary player, then again, you should return and try this mode. Reload your gun because we are taking you back to GTA 4 but this time with the help of GTA San Andreas.

Have you experienced any cool things on your excursion through Liberty City? When I was doing the mission in GTA IV, I was driving all over the city with my bike. There’s a sign staying nearby that shows up all through Liberty City. Interestingly, GTA 4 Map for SA continually improved with professional modding artists.

My Experience with this Map Mode

I played this mode for a few days and so far I loved it. The town looks so pretty and the game itself has great missions. I went as high as conceivable in a helicopter and bounced, collided for certain steps close to Central Park, and lived. It was pretty funny because everything is very different from the original mechanics of GTA 4. I was driving a vehicle at a stop-light, on the Bohan-side of the scaffold a taxi came out of no-where which was running at his max speed, smashed into me and blast my car from behind. That was also a pretty fun experience. Also, you can use the same cheat codes of GTA San Andreas. So, I use the rock cheat to fly in the sky. From the sky, the view was so pretty and it just makes me feel that it is a different game.

I experienced a ton of new things, they were incredible, such as getting dispatched from the windshield (or dispatching different drivers) to crushing my vehicle so terrible that my car blew up. I just love how the map is in this Mode and I would love to know about your experience. Feel free to share with me in the comment section, I would love to read them.

How to install Mode

To play GTA 4 Map in GTA SA you need to install DirectPlay and DirectX 9.0. Luckily, you can get both of these programs in one package.

These are few simple steps you need to follow to run this mode file on your pc. Keep in mind GTA San Andreas is a very old game, modification sometimes does crash on some computers but do not worry once you will load up your game, you will easily be able to play.

Follow these 4 steps.

  • Download Mode File and Extract with WinRAR
  • Install DirectPlay Manually
  • Download and Install DirectX 9.0 from Microsoft
  • Install 3 Important Programs (Visual C++, .NET Framework & DirectX Univaersal)

You can download all the required files from the given links blow.

Download from Game Decide

We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it.

If you have a question related to today’s topic feel free to ask in the comment section.


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    Rohan Guru

    bhai directplay manually install kra he our kia mere ko directx 9 krna jarori he kio ke mere pc me directx 11 he?

  • dcecdcfa?s=&#;d=mm&#;r=g

    Sometimes old games require older versions of DirectX

  • dcecdcfa?s=&#;d=mm&#;r=g

    Bhai koi tareeqa he game ka jo choty wala map hota he us ko round kr sky kio ke wo thora sa sido se jada bada he

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