May 13, 2021

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Getting High FPS and Consistent Performance in GTA V is serious. The game is genuinely hardware Intensive, and It’s nothing unforeseen considering the way that the representations are splendid. Other than this, it is moreover really ordinary with Open World Games, that they demand something past typical hardware.

GTA 5 stuck at 30fp

Beside its Intensive Hardware Requirements, I think GTA V is at this point a mind-blowing game, but a lot of people are always facing 30fps stuck error in GTA 5. This problem is serious, and today we’ll fix this with a custom setting made purely by Adeeldrew.

Custom settings are perhaps the most standard way for GTA 5 to gain more fps with smooth experience. It absolutely switches around the in low graphics of the game and adds a very sensible feel to it. Each surface and edge of GTA 5 is made to look smoother on top of the line PC and workstations. If you need to play GTA 5 in low graphics at its best performance. Custom settings are pretty resource focused and can simply abrupt spike for generally excellent quality gaming experience.

How it works and is it secure to use?

The methods recorded in this guide are completely secured. At any rate, it is at this point proposed that you cause a system to restore point. This will help you with returning exceptional settings if you destroyed a couple of settings on spontaneous. As always make a backup of GTA 5 old settings so that you won’t mess up.

How to fix GTA 5 stuck at 30fps in PC

  • Download your favorite custom DirectX settings.
  • Choose your favorite settings from the DirectX folder.
  • Open custom XML settings with notepad, copy the custom settings code from <?xml to the last </video>settings+example
  • Now go to folder: C:Users%username%DocumentsRockstar GamesGTA V
  • Now open ‘settings.xml‘ file with notepad and replace it with the code you copied in step 3.
  • Save the notepad and run your game normally.

This custom settings is very good for those who are having low computer or old gaming laptops. This method helps Grand Theft Auto V to gain more fps and help to reduce graphic card load with a sweet playable graphic experience. The below method helps to gain more fps for low-end PCs and laptop.

How to get 60Fps in GTA 5 on Low End PC & Laptop’s

Here are the most effective steps which you can apply to gain 60fps on a low-end computer or on a old gaming laptop.

  • Applying custom settings in GTA V Docs.
  • Decrease the screen size from GTA 5 Settings.
  • Decrease graphic settings to low for smoother experience.
  • Turn off VSync in GTA 5.
  • Customize settings in your graphic card settings panel.

Download custom settings

Download for DirectX10

Download for DirectX10.1

Download for DirectX11

We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it.

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