March 21, 2021

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In today’s article we are doing to remove that bikini girl from the loading screen of GTA 5 in a very easy to follow method. We are also going to talk why you should remove and why it was added in GTA 5 Story Mode’s Loading screen.

Why you should remove the girl from the loading screen of GTA V Game

Hey! You knew it, she is a girl in bikini dress and I don’t think anyone would appreciate watching it in front of your family. It will be pretty awkward and a shame and most importantly if you are an Indian/Pakistani or from a country with strong culture you will get a pretty bad punishment from your elders. So, it’s always a good idea to change or remove the girl from your start screen of GTA 5.

Why is a Bikini Girl on GTA 5 Loading Screen?

Rockstar Games’ GTA series has consistently been at the front line of gaming and is perhaps the best gaming series ever. The serie’s approach has consistently charmed it to the fans. Some others have rushed to excuse the GTA series as thoughtless, rough, and manipulative diversion.

While it is to true that a portion of the reactions heaved at the series was dependable and sound valid, like the absence of strong female characters and externalization of ladies on their covers. Some have contended that this is Rockstar’s method of scrutinizing and ridiculing the unnecessary and exaggerated sexualization of ladies in global society and media of today.

Lindsay Lohan vs Rockstar Games

In 2014, the arrival of GTA V, well known entertainer Lindsay Lohan documented a suit against Rockstar Games for using her similarity for the front of GTA V. but her claim was a rejected since it was Shelby Welinder, and she looks similar to Lindsay Lohan. Rockstar clears that the girl in gta 5 cover is Shelby Welinder.

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Who is Shelby Welinder

Shelby Welinder is a British-American model and columnist. She is originally from Los Angeles, California born in 1992. She was discovered as an artist when she was fifteen years old and got the chance to seek into a full-time profession in fashion artist.

How to change loading screen girl in GTA 5

  • Download Replace file and Extract it with zip the downloaded Image-change file
  • Download and Install Program OpenIV
  • Now go to below location in OpenIVOpenIV > update > Update.rpf > x64 > data > cdimages > scaleform_frontend.rpf
  • Now click on “Edit mode” button from the top right area.
  • It will show a button (Show in “mods” folder) click on it.
  • From here find file “loadingscreen_startup.ytd” and double click to open
  • Now a window will pop up, simply select beach_fg from the left side of the window
  • Now click on Replace and open your downloaded file folder
  • Select your favorite character “rocky1_fg or rocky2_fg”
  • Now click on Save and close the OpenIV program
  • Run your Game and enjoy.

Download All the Required Files

Download Files

You can download the replacing files directly from below download button.

Replace Files Latest Version

Watch Full Installation Video Tutorial

We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it.

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