GTA 6 having all previews map locations would be a tremendous benefit to Rockstar Games

How GTA 6 stands to profit by the incorporation of previous maps as the fundamental area of the game. With no authority declaration or affirmation concerning GTA 6, it’s as of now not known where the game will be highlighted in. While there are contentions for the game occurring in another area, there are some critical advantages to GTA 6 being set in Vice City that merit considering and all previous GTA maps.

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GTA 6 Map Locations with All Previous Maps

GTA 6 having Vice City as its essential area would be an enormous advantage to its by and large interactivity experience. For more crazy experience they should add all previous map areas in GTA 6. Its consideration in GTA Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas is what most fans affectionately recall, as the lively tones and the 80s theme helped these titles stick out. While very little is formally thought about Grand Theft Auto 6.

In any case, it’s additionally a matter of abstract taste. There are some legitimate explanations behind conjuring past wistfulness, which is urgent to add to a conversation like this one for Grand Theft Auto 6. It’s impossible to understand what GTA 6 with all previous maps may resemble, yet there are as yet broad perspectives that can be taken from an earlier time and be reapplied for what’s to come.

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GTA all previous map locations

Here is the list of all previous maps from GTA games including details related to them.

Liberty City and New Guernsey

The GTA III was the essential in GTA start. showing Liberty City in a new way. The city is isolated into three islands which are: Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoreside Vale. The Brix, Estoria, Kings, and Brocklyn have reasonably been partaken in the metropolitan district by metropolitan zones from the connecting an area of New Guernsey.

Vice City

From GTA Vice City. The Vice City is a part of two principal islands, the Mainland  and Vice Beach. The Vice City highlights two principal seashores, one extending the sum of the islands.

San Andreas

The GTA San Andreas map portrays the State of San Andreas. GTA San Andreas map was the biggest map before the arrival of Grand Theft Auto V. What makes San Andreas so remarkable is that it holds three significant urban communities with air terminals, different humble communities, and enormous mountains with a perpetual wild.

Liberty City and Alderney

GTA IV Liberty City is by and large metropolitan aside from northern Alderney, the trademark geography has been disguised away by the metropolitan city beside a few typical shorelines that really stay faultless. Instead of mountains portraying the skyline like in GTA San Andreas. The GTA 4 includes Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes from Liberty City.

Southern San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online and presently the greatest map in the whole Grand Theft Auto games. Fans are still playing this map and having so much fun enjoying the beauty of modern world.

North Yankton

Just accessible in two missions in GTA V ‘Prologue and Bury the Hatchet’, North Yankton is a mid-western state highlighting the humble community of Ludendorff.

Cayo Perico

Cayo Perico is an island in the Caribbean, off the shore of Colombia, and it is viewed as perhaps the most secure private islands in the whole world.

What is your favorite map from GTA Game? Let us know in the comment section.


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