March 19, 2021

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Some memory constraints stops GTA 5 from running, for instance when you take a stab at “mpgunrunning” dlc with an altered most recent rendition update.rpf record, it’ll read it fine, however if you add any single add-on, the game will toss a memory mistake (even with any blend of gameconfigs out there).

How to solve GTA 5 Error “ERR FIL PACK_1”

When you sometime install modes in gta 5 or do modification or changes to your game directory you can face error: ERR FIL PACK_1, to solve this problem you need to replace your old Packfile with the new one. Old Packfile is very limited so, you cannot make a lot of changes unless you change default settings Packfile from the game directory.

Packfile Limit Adjuster

Sometimes two mods are likely clashing, as in attempting to use similar records. You would need to discover which records are clashing and make some sort of script fix.

In the paste people use to update settings with the help of OpenIV, but you can solve this issue without doing any difficult methods. This happens principally in the mpgunrunning dlc alone is 1.75 GB in size, genuine players with the most recent game .exe can put a lot of add-ons to incorporate that immensely crazy document, while the pilfered rendition can’t uphold it. As we all knew every problem comes with a unique solution and today this article will help you make your game running without these errors.

What is Packfile Limit Adjuster?

Packfile Limit Adjuster is an ASI plugin module, it changes the default packfiles (aka RPFs) and control the memory script consistently and helps game from crashing. This Plugin fix error “ERR FIL PACK_1” by changing the gameconfig file with a better performance script. Before applying this method make sure to install Visual Pack “Visual C++ Redistributable x64” as it is an important program to run Packfile Limit Adjuster as well as the game itself.

Requirements for Packfile Limit Adjuster

  • First combine your DLC packs
  • .asi loader
  • Install Visual C++ Redistributable x64

How to install Packfile Limit Adjuster

  1. Download file from the given link
  2. Extract with 7zip
  3. Copy file into Game Directory
  4. Install Visual C++ Redistributable x64
  5. Done, Run the Game

You can download all the required files from the given link below.

Download Visual C++ Redistributable x64

Download Packfile Limit Adjuster Latest Version

– If for some reasons you are not able to
download this file from the above button, you can download the given version from
the below GDrive link.

Download Packfile Limit Adjuster version 1.1 – GDrive

We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it.

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