June 21, 2020

A YouTube channel’s banner style is nearly similarly significant as the substance it makes. Everything from the standard on your YouTube page to each transfer’s thumbnail will influence whether individuals choose to watch your content.

I am actually sharing my small gaming banner art for gaming channels. It has a classic design and it’s very simple to the point.

YouTube Channel Customization Basics Explained

Prior to delving into the specialized subtleties of really making your YouTube channel workmanship, it merits realizing what you’ll have to make. The fundamental visual purposes of any YouTube channel can be partitioned into three sections:

  1. A profile picture – consider this your channel’s logo
  2. A channel cover art – a bigger picture addressing what your channel does
  3. Vvideo thumbnails – Similar themed however independent thumbnails
This is the banner art i am sharing it is basically for gamers but you can customize this to what ever you design or style you want.
A decent method to choose what to make for yourself is to think about what sort of video content you will make. Is it true that you will be on camera a ton? Assuming this is the case, at that point it bodes well to have a picture (or drawing) of yourself in the craftsmanship. Is your channel based more around talking and conversation as opposed to visuals? At that point utilizing text is most likely a smart thought!

Included Files

  • PSD of Banner Art
  • Preview Image
  • Font Pack

Download – 4MB

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