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iFruitAddon2 is a free made by Bob74. GTA 5 mods not just give the game an upgrade with regard to visuals (and makes it resemble an advanced game), yet it can add extra ongoing interaction highlights – and even transform GTA 5 into a totally new game.

What is iFruitAddon2?

In the course of recent years, GTA 5 has developed a colossal library of mods, so it tends to be hard to track down the best Grand Theft Auto V mods that merit on top. While numerous GTA 5 mods are great, there are additionally an enormous add-on which, tragically, helps to run GTA 5 Mode’s. Without these add-ons games might crash because these are some special custom settings files which control the scripts and prevent crashes.

iFruitAddon2 Release

Modder Bob74 made the iFruitAddon2 add-on using the incredible custom settings combination. What’s maybe most amazing is that Bob74 isn’t done: he adds new custom codes with each significant update, and the latest iFruitAddon2 was released on Mar 5, 2018.


  • Changed the way contact index is stored to allow multiple mods to share the value (it wasn’t working as expected).
  • Added a “Bold” option to contacts. It sets the contact text in bold or not.
  • New contacts font is not bold by default anymore. It is now the same as native contacts.

Download The Latest Version of iFruitAddon2

The most recent version of iFruitAddon2 was released on Mar 5, 2018, which so far the best settings file which can be downloaded from the below official link.

Download iFruitAddon2

Download from GitHub

Full Package? Check Master

If you are unable to download from the above site, you can download from the below GDrive link.

Download Version 2.1.0 – GDrive

We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it.

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