How to Install/Change Minecraft Skin using Resource Packs Only – Easy Method

Are you playing Minecraft with the standard skin, and it is not brilliant? So it merits contemplating introducing his own skin. In this how-to depicts completely the interaction, which by the way won’t require over five minutes, and change your skin for quite a while. Obviously, you should apply this simple method we shared here on

All versions of Minecraft, Java Edition, or Windows 10 (Bedrock) uphold custom skins, making it simple for clients to pick from an enormous choice just to make a portion. Having the option to make your very own skin in Minecraft is something your friends will genuinely appreciate. It allows them to add somewhat of an individual touch to their #1 game.

How to Install/Change Minecraft Skin using Resource Packs Only - Easy Method

Minecraft is an entirely adjustable game that permits you to unreservedly communicate through your character! Changing your skin in Minecraft is simple, and free. Here’s the ticket!

The initial step to changing your Minecraft skin is discovered one you like. Essentially, looking “Minecraft skin” will pull up many incredible alternatives. When you discover one you like, download it to your PC. The picture will resemble this:

Minecraft Skin using Resource Packs Only

Follow the below method to install player skin using resource packs. I have shared this entire method in a very simple steps. These are easy to follow. Also, you can watch instruction tutorial: watch video

How to Install Minecraft Skin using Resource Packs in 10 Steps.

  1. Download PlayerSkin zip file
  2. Download a PNG Skin from any website on Google
  3. Make a copy of the image skin
  4. Rename one of them as ‘steve‘ and send one should be ‘alex
  5. Open PlayerSkin Zip file with WinRAR Program
  6. Go to this entity folder:location: PlayerSkin.zipassetsminecrafttexturesentity
  7. After opening entity folder, drag both skin files”steve & alex” inside the entity folder using WinRAR
  8. Then copy PlayerSkin folder
  9. Open Minecraft, go to settings and open resource packs folder and paste PlayerSkin there
  10. After that, apply PlayerSkin from resource packs

After apply the skin, your skin should change in the gameplay. We used the below example image, but once you will be done following all steps. Your skin will be changed in the game.

How to Install/Change Minecraft Skin using Resource Packs Only - Easy Method
example image of skin – by thiccsnail
Download section for file and skin is below.

Download PlayerSkin File



Download & Create Minecraft Skin

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