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How to Play GTA 5 Without Graphic Card on Low-End PCs Laptop | 2GB Ram, Core Duo, No Graphic Card - Linner Mode

Today we are sharing a simple method to run gta 5 on low-end pcs or laptop's without any error and lag. GTA 5 has been a notorious game, as yet outstanding amongst other PC games to be played. The game based on the tradition of amazing titles from the GTA series and improved the gaming experience for the fans.

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GTA 5 Without Graphic Card

This GTA 5 mod does what it guarantees, adding a smooth look to the universe of GTA 5. Going from exquisite lighting to working water surfaces on low-end computers, the mod makes the universe of GTA 5 look totally staggering, and you should be able to play interactivity, cruising all over on the streets of Los Santos. The linner mod likewise requires no graphic card and run the game with no slacks.

Linner Mode

Linner is maybe the most mainstream mod for GTA 5. It totally changes up the in low graphics of the game and adds a super reasonable feel to it. Every surface and edge of GTA 5 is made to look smoother on high-end computer and laptops. If you want to play GTA 5 in low graphics at its best, Linner is the mod to have. Be that as it may, the mod is pretty asset concentrated and can just sudden spike in demand for very good quality gaming experience.

About GTA 5

GTA 5 has a broad open-world and a very close plot that ties the in-game missions together. It additionally has staggering graphics that cause it to feel stylishly satisfying. In any case, GTA 5 was made in 2013, and its graphics have gotten obsolete when contrasted with the more current computer games being made in 2021. Yet, mods are a simple fix to change GTA 5's graphics to meet your requirements.

About Very Low-end Graphic Mode

Very Low End is the ideal mod to use in case you're playing GTA 5 on a generally low-end computers. The mod is intended to amplify the nature of the in low graphics while ensuring that there is no lag and low FPS. The surfaces of the game have been improved, with smoother and more lively tones. Playing GTA 5 with the Very Low End mod can convey in excess of 30 fps on a PC with low to medium details.

This mod that is pointed toward decreasing the graphic of GTA 5 and guaranteeing a smooth interactivity with playable FPS Boost. The mod gives the cleanest surfaces without causing a loss in FPS. While recording on a 2GB RAM, the mod had the option to build the FPS from 8 to 11 fps to a scope of 15 to 24 fps, which is an incredible lift for anybody using a low-end computer.

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How to Install Mode

  • Copy Settings.xml file to your computer's documents folder.
  • Copy dualcore and EasyHook64 files to your game directory.
  • Copy Commandline text file to your game directory.

Download Required Files

Download Setttings.xml/download/button



Rockstar Games Folder/download/button 


🖸 Please copy commandline text file in your game's directory (game folder)

Where is game directory?

Game directory is the folder which contain game files. For Example: The folder where your game files are located in your computer drive or Simply open that folder where you have installed your game.

We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it. alert-warning

Hey! If you have a question related to today's topic feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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Last Updated: Mar 31 2021 - commandline and directory details had been added and updated.


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