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GTA 5 is perhaps the most famous game ever. In this guide, you'll learn how to install High graphic mode, top changes and insider facts to support FPS without dissolving your PC. At that point, we'll tell you the best way to mod GTA 5 to get the designs and execution you need.

Great Theft Auto 5 is the most recent in the notable computer game arrangement from Rockstar Games. You're here on the grounds that you need your GTA 5 experience to look and run as incredibly as it can. We should support those graphics and FPS — and look at the absolute best GTA 5 mods out there!

How to Install GTA 5 Best Graphic Mode - GTA V RTX Graphics Mode Download | AdeelDrew

These are few images of the final result and if you had a good graphic card than you rocked! 
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How to Install GTA 5 REDUX RTX Graphic Mode - Easy & Working Method! 

GTA 5 Best Graphic Mode

GTA 5 backings a wide scope of graphical and execution enhancements, however even the most current PCs can battle to deal with every one of them. We'll tell you the best way to improve your PC's graphics and get ideal FPS so you can have the best PC for GTA 5. Graphics and FPS can't both be great. In the event that you need the most ideal graphics, you'll probably need to acknowledge lower FPS. Alternately, improving your game for FPS regularly requires a couple of graphical penances. So you'll have to offset your gaming assumptions with your PC's abilities.

Requirements for Greatest FPS Experience 

For smooth FPS at full HD, you'll need a 3 GHz Core i5 that is close to four years of age, and at any rate a GeForce 970 or 1050 Ti graphic cards. You'll additionally need to move up to in any event 8 GB of RAM. Just the best quality graphic cards, for example, the 1080 Ti or 2080 Ti, can deliver the game at a RTX goal with all the top graphical and execution settings.
Please note! this method is working for GTA 5 version 1.41 if you want to install REDUX on newer version of GTA 5. I have a different post for latest versions. You can read herealert-info
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How to install Mode

  1. Download all 3 Files from the given link
  2. Mark them all with your mouse and extract with WinRAR
  3. Install OpenIV
  4. Download Script Hook V
  5. Copy Script Hook V into GTA 5 Folder
  6. Then Run OpenIV and and install ASI Programs "from OpenIV /tools /ASI Manager"
  7. Select The Redux ovi mode and install in the game.

 Note! These download links already includes OpenIV & Script Hook V.

Download Redux Files


How to Install Redux in GTA 5/link/button

Gameconfig File


If you are unable to install the mode, you can watch simple tutorial on our YouTube page, we explain a step by step easy to follow guide. Watch Here

We recommend making a backup of your game before doing changes to it.  alert-warning

If you have a question realted to today topic feel free to ask in the comment section.


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