February 21, 2021

Here are the two most famous weapons in GTA Online. These aren’t super cool as far as how famous these are. It’s normal for a gamer to pull out a Homing Launcher and expect that their rocket hits the objective in GTA Online. instead, you can use these two crazy guns.

2. The Up-n-Atomizer

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The Up-n-Atomizer seems as though it shouldn’t have a place in GTA, however as GTA Online is brimming with wacky hijinks, it’s just common for a portion of the weapons to look as odd as the Up-n-Atomizer.

The Up-n-Atomizer is a modern gurn, this is certainly not an incredible weapon, all things considered. Not all over-the-top weapons are overwhelmed, which is a reality the Up-n-Atomizer completely embraces in GTA Online. This weapon isn’t right super in its plan, for its battle abilities are additionally strange. It’s unfeasible to use against different players, yet it’s an awesome weapon for flipping one’s stuck vehicle while harming it.  On occasion, it’s simply a reinforcement weapon to address a vehicle’s position, which is a marvelous yet still over-the-top specialty as far as how bizarre it is in GTA Online. Everybody realized this was coming.

The Up-n-Atomizer, Widomaker and the Unholy Hellbringer, might be the most remarkable and exceptional weapons included in GTA Online, yet they are as yet not worth a challenging $499,000.

1. The Unholy Hellbringer

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The Unholy Hellbringer is an exceptionally altered reskin of the LMG firearms and hosts a similar sort of ammunition limit. The Widowmaker, then again, appears to have been enlivened by the Minigun. Both offer similar highlights and even utilize similar ammo.

Much the same as a ton of things in GTA Online, the laser firearms are unarguably the coolest weapons in the game, yet the sticker price is somewhat uncalled for, considering neither one of the weapons is more impressive than the Minigun, which just expenses $47,000.

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