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Greetings to all our gaming community! Hello Guys, we hope you have found this website helpful. This page will answer some of the most asked questions on AdeelDrew.com. If you have an unanswered question, then feel free to ask us by sending us feedback though our contact page.

 On our website you get news on latest gaming trends, modification updates and upcoming game events, but that is not the only thing we share! A big part of  AdeelDrew.com to share solutions on different game topics. These kind articles may contain a solution file and many of you've been asking questions about them, so this page will answer most of them.

Q&A Section

1. How to download files?

Open your favorite solution guide article, scroll down to the bottom of the article and click on the download button, it should start downloading your solution file.  Before you apply the solution, make a backup of your game and make sure to read all the requirements and installation guide.

2. Is solution files are safe on this website?

Our shared files are tested by us on many computers, different windows versions and different game versions to confirm its requirements and files safety. All files on this website are tested and scanned by human hands and advance programs. In the end, we share trusted and safe files for you with easy to download process.

3. Is there virus in solution files?

We scan our shared files with advance antivirus programs and human eyes review. If your antivirus is detecting a file as a virus, it can be a false alert, in that kind of situations feel free to disable your windows defenders temporarily before extracting the solution file. On the other hand, feel free to contact us about any infected files, and we will love to help you out.

4. Unable to download a file or download link is broken?

We constantly check our shared files and their download links. We store our shared media files on cloud based sites such as Google Drive and MediaFire. If you ever find a broken link, feel free to send us feedback about them, and we will do our best to fix the link as fast as possible for this amazing community.

5. Is there password on solution files? If yes, then why?

There are mostly no passwords, but we sometimes protect our files with a password to make the file more secure. If you find an article file password protected and the password is missing, let us know by sending us a quick feedback or though email, we will send you the correct password and guide you in your difficult time for free.

6. What is the password of solution files?

Here is a list of a few of our old and current passwords,

  2. adeeldrew.com
  3. adeeldrew@gamearise
  4. adeeldrew@youtube
  5. youtube@adeeldrew
  6. gamearise@adeeldrew
  7. yt@adeeldrew
  8. adeeldrew.com

These are all our old and new password, but if you are still facing issues, feel free to contact us.

7. How to fix your game or apply a solution?

Every article has its own method of installation because different game has different issues. Scroll down in your favorite solution article, and you should be able to learn the installation method. As always, before apply any file or doing any changes to your game, make a backup of your game.

8. How to make a backup of a game?

Simply create a new folder anywhere in your computer/laptop and make a cop of your original game. Now, when you will install a solution file, and it won't work, you will still have your game in a different folder as a backup.

9. How to request a game solution?

You can use our email service or contact form to make a request. To make things more easy for you, simply write down a comment with game name and error details, and we will do our best to replay you. Please do not comment any spam link as you commend will not approve and will be ignored by our moderators. 

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How to contact the admin?

You can simply fill up a small form here and get in touch with our team, or send us a direct message on our email support.

Email: adeeldrew@hotmail.com


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Last updated: 10 Oct, 2021 - Article published with FAQ's.