September 28, 2019

No not except if you are playing a pilfered duplicate. RGSC is the DRM arrangement GTA V employments. Its there even on the Steam rendition on top of the Steam DRM. At the point when you introduce the game unexpectedly the installer actuates the game with the key gave on a Social Club account you made and each time you dispatch the game it first log in to your RGSC account prior to beginning the game.


Particularly for single player, in the event that you have moderate web you will be not able to play story mode on epic and will in all probability be not able to play disconnected by and large as the rockstar social club will glitch out and sign you out of disconnected mode frequently.

With this fix you will be able to play gta 5 on any pc without using or installing social club on pc. You will only be able to play GTA 5 Offline in story mode. Only try this method if you are using a pairated version of GTA 5.

How to Install

  • Extract File using 7zip
  • Copy All Files from the “fix” folder
  • Paste the files in game main dictionary Where is “main dictionary” of GTA5?
  • Go to Game folder where your game is installed and paste all files inside the game folder. replace them if needed.

Warning! Always make a backup of your original files before doing any changes to the game!

Download from GameDecide

Password: youtube@adeeldrew

We recommend making a backup before doing any changes to your game.

Single player GTA 5 Story Mode

From here you can pick an alternate spot to begin a fresh out of the box new character. Remember, you share generally the very cash that is in the bank from your other character. On the off chance that you are attempting to acquire everything without any preparation, I would recommend taking the entirety of your cash from your first characters bank and put it in their pocket(I.E withdraw it). Along these lines, the new character can’t get to it by means of the bank or potentially atm.

Likewise something more to know. You would now be able to avoid the instructional exercise on your recently made character on the off chance that you need to, as long as your other character is over level 100. Rockstar as of late added that, to urge individuals to make more characters so they can have various arrangements of vehicles with each character.

Single player method: open up the interruption menu and select game from the alternatives along the top. A similar one that you access, to stack your game or replay missions. There ought to be an alternative to begin another game from that point. Giving you have an extra save space, (there are 15 permitted, so risks are you will have enough!) you can save the new game to another save opening when you do your first save. While doing the principal save of the new game, select the ‘save to another space’ alternative and this will save this game onto another opening.

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